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Marco Campos Burgos

Título: Tecnólogo Médico
Grado: Doctor en Ciencias de Recursos Naturales
Líneas de Investigación: OneHealth; Ecología Microbiana; Microbiología Ambiental y biotecnología

Dr. Campos is a graduate of Universidad de La Frontera (UFRO), Temuco, Chile. His undergraduate formation was in Medical Technology, later forming an M. Sc in Sciences with a mention in Microbiology (Universidad Austral de Chile) and a Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Sciences of Natural Resources (UFRO). Currently, he is affiliated with the Laboratorio de Investigación en Salud de Precisión, Departamento de Procesos Diagnósticos y Evaluación, Facultad de Ciencias de la Salud, Universidad Católica de Temuco (UCT). During his research formation, Dr. Campos has developed skills helpfully in elucidating microbiological, biochemical, biogeochemical, and ecological aspects involving the role of pesticide-degrading bacteria, nutrient-cycling bacteria, and pathogenic bacteria from anthropogenized terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems and its impact on the human, animal and environmental health assessed under the concept of One-Health. For this research line, high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR), and high-throughput DNA sequencing (HTS) using the Illumina® MiSeq and Nanopore® platforms, and bioinformatics have been the primary tools used to approach it. Dr. Campos has benefited from the “postdoctoral and iniciación” funds from Fondo Nacional de Desarrollo Científico y Tecnológico FONDECYT by the National Research and Development Agency (ANID) from 2018 to the date and has been involved in several other projects financed by ANID (International Cooperation Programs with China and USA) as well as international and national institutions. Currently, Dr. Campos is performing as an associated professor and researcher for the Departamento de Procesos Diagnósticos y Evaluación, Facultad de Ciencias de la Salud, UCT, where he teaches undergraduates and postgraduates students and performs its research line. Additionally, since 2021, Dr. Campos has officed as an associate editor of the Journal of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition (JSSPN), belonging to the prestigious Springer-Nature editorial. He has published several Q1 and Q2 articles indexed to WoS and tracked several others in the same line.

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1.- Investigador Responsable FONDECYT Iniciación no. 11230308. Does phosphorus composition determine the structure, functionality, and proteomic profile of phosphorus-cycling bacterial communities in sediments from lakes of La Araucanía Region? 2023.